Antelope Audio presents The All-In-One Production Suite offer

Leading high-end professional audio equipment manufacturer Antelope Audio has warm- heartedly set its sights on banishing buyer’s remorse with The All-In-One Production Suite offer — comprising a quality quartet of summer sizzlers set to warm hearts and wallets while taking recording journeys to the next level by including a full version of Berlin-based Bitwig’s namesake Bitwig Studio DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) alongside Antelope Audio’s cutting-edge Edge Solo high-quality single-capsule large-diaphragm condenser modeling microphone for free with every purchase of one of its innovative Synergy Core audio interfaces — as of June 5…

The All-In-One Production Suite is a smart and speedy way of plunging headlong into pro audio, fuelling creative fires for a guaranteed sizzling summer — and all without breaking the bank. Better still, since it has been assembled to compliment the unique features of Antelope Audio’s acclaimed Synergy Core audio interfaces, it is a surefire winner when it comes to helping produce album-quality recordings at home, in the studio, or on the go.

Berlin-based Bitwig’s truly cross-platform — Linux-, macOS-, and Windows-compatible — Bitwig Studio surely plays its part in The All-In-One Production Suite’s creativity-charged proceedings as an innovative music production and performance software title that takes musical ideas through each stage of production. Put it this way: when paired up with one of Antelope Audio’s Synergy Core audio interfaces, it can capably send and receive CV (control voltage) signals using the audio interface in question’s DC-coupled line outputs to create a (suitably-equipped) synthesizer-friendly experience. Enjoying intuitive sequencing and streamlined workflows with an array of advanced editing options for the studio world and beyond by tapping into Bitwig Studio’s nonlinear clip launcher and arranger alongside 90-plus included virtual instruments, audio effects, and sound design tools takes on a whole new musical meaning when also accessing Synergy Core effects for crafting signals into sound, thanks to The All-In-One Production Suite’s complimentary quartet of summer sizzlers on offer.


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