KNORR, the bass vitalizer by Klevgrand

Wake up your low end with this bass vitalizer from Klevgrand.
Today we’re happy to announce a new plugin – KNORR! Basically it does one thing: Bringing the low end of the frequency spectrum to life.

When mixing, the bass track is often a challenge. Usually we end up compromising between “more bass” and “better balance”. There are some methods for dealing with this; distortion, filtering, multi-band dynamics etc. but none of these really nails it. Enter: Knorr! Knorr adds intensity and sharpness to a monophonic low frequency audio source. The unique algorithm adds overtones to an existing sound in a way that isn’t possible with ordinary distortion or filtering. The results are really satisfying – suddenly the bass is defined and powerful, but not in the way for other instruments.

The Knorr Algorithm
The internals uses a combination of filtering, amplitude- , and frequency modulation to process incoming audio.

The algorithm internal settings is developed with bass in mind, but can be used on any monophonic sound source as long as there’s audio content in the low mids (and below) available.

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